Water Polo


The FINA Officials Certification Pathway allows a Technical Official to progress through different steps to become a recognised International Technical Official.

There are a variety of entry points for officials, depending on their existing knowledge, experience, proven abilities and qualifications. The below flowchart illustrates how the officials may progress along the certification pathway:

Click on the flowchart to see the full FINA Water Polo Officials Certification Pathway.

For any person wishing to begin training as a Water Polo Referee,  FINA offers to all National Federations the possibility to host a FINA Water Polo Development School. In order to continue the training as a Water Polo referee and to be prepared to undertake a FINA Water Polo Certification School, referees will have to pass an Online Pre-requisite Course and Test*. The FINA Water Polo Certification Schools prepare and certify candidates seeking to become FINA Water Polo Referees. Two years after being certified at a FINA Water Polo Certification School, all the certified referees must pass an Online Exam* through the FINA Learning Platform.

*The Online Pre-requisite Course and Test and the FINA Water Polo Referees Online Exam are under development and will be available soon.