What is the FINA Learning Platform?

FINA’s online learning goal is to offer to all its National Member Federations a platform to promote and educate coaches, officials, administrators, and anyone related to aquatics. It shares and teaches the best and latest trends and techniques and promotes aquatics worldwide.

What is the Coaches Certification Programme?

The FINA’s Coaches Certification Programme offers the possibility to the aquatics coaches to certify their level of skills, knowledge and competencies in coaching. The goal of this programme is to support coaches worldwide and the development of swimming, as well as offer a networking and knowledge-sharing environment for all National Federations.

What is the Officials’ Education Programme?

The Officials’ Education Programme enable Officials, Judges and Referees to officiate in FINA events such as FINA World Cups and FINA World Championships. The aim is to increase the number of Technical Officials and enhance the quality of the existing ones and create a uniform pattern of interpretation and application of rules across all aquatic disciplines, thus raising the quality of officiating.

What is the Aquatics Manager’s Education Programme?

The Aquatics Manager’s Education Programme educates the FINA National Member Federations on how to strategically plan their activities in order to promote aquatics in the best way within their country. It aims to support the Federations in their efforts to manage and administer their organisation, as well as increase their management competencies.


How do I access the courses on the Learning Platform?

The Learning Platform is reserved for Coaches, Officials and Aquatic Manager’s Courses. However, there is a certain amount of information you can access with a public profile on the Platform. For example, you can read articles and see what development events FINA is hosting. If you want to apply to one of the courses, here’s how:

  • As an individual, you can sign up to one of these courses, please check the event’s calendar to find the course closest to you, you can then send an email directly to the Host Federation.
  • As a National Federation, you need to request to host a course:
    • You need to apply through your Continental Association, you should have or you will receive a Communication from them, as soon as the applications are open.


I have forgotten my password, how do I change it?

You can request a new password on the Home Page of the platform by clicking on the Forgot your password? Link which is beneath the fields that request your username and password.

How do I modify my password?

You can change your password by going into your profile and then edit you profile. You will  then be able to choose your own password.

I already have an account but now I have a new email address; what do I do?

Please note that your username (which is your email) cannot be changed. However, you can change the email address you get contacted on by going on the profile page and then edit my profile.

I have taken part in a course but haven’t received my certificate, how can I get a copy?

In the Learning Space page of the Platform, you will see the certificates that you have been awarded with. You can download them and print them yourself.

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