FINA administers international competition and development in all six FINA aquatic disciplines: Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Artistic Swimming and High Diving. Our most important partners to keep improving the Aquatic Disciplines are the FINA National Member Federation. Therefore, the access to resources that Federations can use to develop the management and promotion of the different disciplines is essential.

FINA strongly believes in the importance of having a globally-respected workforce of coaches with an established and consistent curriculum, as a key factor for the athlete development.

There are different ways that FINA supports the development of coaches:

1 – FINA Coaches Certification Programme

FINA’s Coaches Certification Programme offers the possibility to the aquatics coaches to certify their level of skills, knowledge and competencies in coaching. The goals of this programme are to support coaches worldwide in the development of swimming, promote sports’ growth by offering a continuous learning pathway for coaches, as well as offer a networking and knowledge-sharing environment for all National Federations.

A range of FINA Certification Courses are offered through the FINA Development Programme, with the objective of establishing a universal and standardized coaches training and certification system. Through this programme all  participants will have access to up-to-date coaching information and best practices, increasing the number of certified coaches and enhancing the quality of the existing ones.

2 – FINA Learning Platform

The FINA Learning platform aims to educate coaches, officials, administrators and anyone related to the Aquatics Community. The Learning Platform is accessible to all National Member Federations to share and learn about the best and latest trends as well as the newest techniques in Aquatics. Apart from the different Certification and Education programmes, the Platform shares some invaluable articles on all disciplines.

3 – FINA Clinics for Coaches

They are designed to educate and train coaches, ensuring that they are given the opportunity to develop their skills and further the development of aquatics within their countries.

All training clinics will be conducted by an international expert approved by FINA, but as the content is adapted to the Host Federation specific requirements, the programme and topics delivered may differ accordingly.

With this initiative, FINA offers to its 209 affiliated national federations the opportunity to successfully develop the aquatic sports in their countries.

4 – FINA Swimming Coaches Golden Clinic

This event is organised at the same time as the FINA World Aquatics Convention, which is FINA’s official networking and knowledge-sharing clinic for the coaching community. Swimming coaches and national team managers get insight on what it takes to coach elite swimmers. They also get to hear from some of the biggest names in coaching, as they offer details on the training programmes and present the challenges faced in preparing champions.

5 – FINA Seminars

The FINA World Seminar aim to be a reference event for coaches, officials, or experts in the selected FINA Discipline.

The event will be led by the FINA Technical Committee in charge of the discipline, who will define its programme, target group and main goals will be defined by them.