It is my great pleasure to present you the Swim&Play Ball manual, a well-prepared document aimed at displaying the attractiveness of our team sport to children.

FINA is inevitably linked with elite sport, but the medals, the glory, and the top-level performances are just the tip of a much bigger iceberg: the benefits of the sport for our younger generations. The success of this initiative will then be measured by the joy of the children taking part in it.

This is inevitably a winning strategy for FINA: bringing more and younger people to the sport will raise their physical abilities, improve their health, and make them better citizens.

This Swim&Play Ball project reinforces those values, by initiating our younger athletes in the oldest team sport in the Olympic programme, Water Polo. The format and rules of the competition, better adapted to children, bring excitement and joy, allowing at the same time the discovery of the spectacular aspects of the game.

Dr Julio C.Maglione
FINA President

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