FINA administers international competition and development in all six FINA aquatic disciplines: Swimming, Open Water Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, Artistic Swimming and High Diving. Our most important partners to keep improving the Aquatic Disciplines are the FINA National Member Federation. Therefore, the access to resources that Federations can use to develop the management and promotion of the different disciplines is essential.

Officials are an essential part of FINA and the World of Aquatics, they are present to help with the correct appliance of the FINA officiating rules.

There are different ways that FINA supports the development of Officials:

1 – Swimming Clinics for Officials

The FINA Swimming Clinics for Officials are intended to help National Federations provide training to the above through courses led by an expert.

Swimming Clinics for Official’s goals are to provide basic training to officials of all levels, from beginners to advanced participants and to ensure that Officials are given the opportunity to develop their skills, thus developing the aquatic sports in their countries.

In order to support successful performances in the pool, Officials need the best education and training possible. Offering technical training and promotion of best practices can help National Federations succeed.

2 – Schools for Officials

FINA Schools are intended to provide training and certify Officials, Judges and Referees in all six aquatic disciplines.

The goals of FINA Schools are to increase the number of certified Technical Officials and enhance the quality of the existing ones and create a uniform pattern of interpretation and application of rules across all disciplines.

In order to be eligible to officiate in FINA events, Technical Officials must attend a FINA School in their respective discipline and pass a certification exam.

3 – FINA Seminars

The FINA World Seminar aims to be a reference event for coaches, officials, or experts in the selected FINA Discipline.

The event is led by the FINA Technical Committee in charge of the discipline, who will define its programme, target group and main goals will be defined by them.