The FINA Judges Certification Pathway allows a Technical Official to progress through different steps to become a recognised International Technical Official.

There are a variety of entry points for officials depending on their existing knowledge, experience, proven ability and qualification. The below flowchart illustrates how the diving judges may progress along the certification pathway:

Click on the flowchart to see the full FINA Diving Judges Certification Pathway.

In order to begin the training as a Diving Judge, FINA offers to all National Federations the possibility to host a FINA Diving Development School which are designed to meet the needs of those National Federations who have requested judges’ instruction and do not have any judges training programmes in place. FINA also offers the possibility to host a FINA Diving Certification School, which caters to experienced judges who require more in depth training of skills at an advanced level and are designed to prepare and certify highly qualified judges wishing to be on the FINA Diving Officials List. Lastly, once a year, each FINA certified judge must pass the FINA Diving Officials Online Exam through the FINA Learning Platform.