The FINA Swimming Coaches Certification Programme allows a participant to make progress through different steps to become a recognised Coach.

There are a variety of entry points for coaches, depending on their existing knowledge, experience, proven ability and qualifications. The below flowchart illustrates how a coach may progress along the certification pathway:

Click on the flowchart to see the full FINA Swimming Coaches Certification Pathway.


The FINA Swimming Coaches Certification Programme is open to any coach affiliated to a FINA National Member Federation and available at three different levels: Assistant Coach (L1), Coach (L2) and Senior Coach (L3). For more information on each level, please click on the following links.

FINA’s National Member Federations can also request their pre-existing Coaches Certification programme to be recognised by recognised by FINA’s Education Programme. The FINA CCP Equivalency Process is in place to offer official recognition for FINA National Member Federations. The aim of the Certification Equivalence is to standardise Swimming Coaches’ Education. To find out more about the Equivalence process please click on the button below.