The Female Athlete

FINA prioritises athlete health and safety. Sport participation at the elite level results in many physical and mental health benefits, and is a safe activity for health and well-being. On some occasions, Aquatic athletes may be at risk of developing sport-related health concerns.

Female athletes in particular, may have unique health risks in contrast to male athletes. The IOC Handbook on the Female Athlete (edited by Margo Mountjoy, FINA Bureau Member and Sports Medicine Liaison) is a resource targeted to the athlete support entourage team to inform them of strategies to prevent and mitigate sport-related health risks for female athletes.

The objective of the handbook is to increase the knowledge level of sport medicine team physicians and allied athlete health support staff of healthy female athlete sport participation. Subjects include nutrition recommendations, injury prevention, psychology, harassment and abuse, bone health, pelvic floor dysfunction etc.

The IOC Handbook on the Female Athlete can be accessed free of charge at the following link.

Nov 11, 2020 | Medical Articles