Quality vs Quantity, Periodisation of Training Volume

One of the biggest young stars from USA is Michael Andrew, who in 2015 started by winning the 50m backstroke, Silver medal at the 50, freestyle and 50m butterfly at the Junior World Championship in Singapore, where he ended up as the best swimmer of the Championships. Michael won the 100m IM in the 2016 short course championships and 8 medals at the World Championship in Budapest and Gwangju in the relays.

Michael has been coached by his father Peter Andrew since his very beginning. Together, they have been one of the most innovative cases in the last years by introducing the USRPT, short for Ultra-Short Race-Pace Training, which is a training program/stroke curriculum developed by Dr. Bent S. Rushall for the sport of swimming.

Peter, in the below video will explain how the USRPT is an evidence-based programme and how the results could be consistently superior to that of traditional swimming training.

Aug 27, 2019 | Swimming Articles