Preventing the Manipulation of Competitions

What is competition manipulation?

Competition manipulation is the act of intentionally altering the course of a match or competition to ensure that a specific event occurs. It can take many different forms, such as an athlete intentionally losing in order to face an easier opponent in the next round of the tournament, or performing a certain action during a match to make a bet successful, for example.

FINA in collaboration with the IOC discussed this topic during a Live Session recorded on 19th May 2021, you can rewatch it by clicking on the video below.


As an athlete you are an ideal target for corruptors as you are on the field of play and you have direct influence on the competition. You must make yourself aware of what it is, and how to react to suspicions of competition manipulation. You have a responsibility to protect your sport, your career, your hard-work. FINA would recommend you take the Course created by the Olympic Movement Unit of the IOC. You can take it by clicking on the image below.