Nutrition for Aquatic Athletes

by FINA Development

Many factors contribute to success in sport, including talent, training, motivation and resistance to injury and illness. When highly talented, motivated and well trained athletes gather for competition, the margin between victory and defeat is usually small. Attention to every detail can make that vital difference, and nutrition is a key element of the serious athlete’s preparation.

Based on a specific Conference hosted by FINA and Yakult in London (GBR), in 2013, this publication details all the aspects related to a healthy strategy in this field, highlighting the specific needs in each of our sports. It has also in consideration different groups (young athletes, female competitors…) and multiple situations (training, travelling, competition…).

The document is divided into 4 key parts:
1. General Principles: Nutrition Goals and Eating Strategies
2. Aquatic Discipline Specific Nutrition (key recommendations for Swimming, Artistic Swimming Diving, Water Polo and Open Water Swimming)
3. Eating Strategies while traveling
4. Further resources
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Nov 11, 2020 | Medical Articles